We Are "Steaking" Our Claim

That CMS Teachers Are the Best

CMS Teachers ROCK

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, and because there's no doubt that you guys are the best, we are providing you all with a treat on Thursday. During each lunch, please come to the teacher's lounge and enjoy a a steak, baked potato, and salad for lunch and a banana split for desert. In order for you to enjoy time with folks you don't always get to see, all teachers (except those that are testing (I'm sorry) will eat at 11am. 6th grade will need to report to 4th period for a while before going to lunch. 6th and 7th kids will eat first while 8th grade is in the gym. Then we'll swap out one of the grades. However, that's for us to worry about. You all just enjoy your food and the great company. At some point, the fun will have to end but we'll play that my ear as well.

Please don't stuff yourselves too much. The CMS Student Council will provide breakfast for you on Friday.