May is Gonna Rock!

Thrive for KIDS and new flavors!

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Strawberry Lifestyle Mix is Available NOW!

The Thrive Lifestyle Mix is now available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry! Finally a flavor for all of us strawberry lovers! If you have an autoship set up for this month, now is the time to sign in and review it. If you need any help adjusting your order, message or text me and I will walk you through it! Easy peasy!
Thrive Creamy Strawberry Lifestyle Mix

Thrive for Kids!

Look what will be available within the next week or two! My kids are thrilled and so am I! Now I can rest assured that my picky eaters will be getting the nutrients they need to grow and Thrive! It is in gel form and tastes like Fruity Pebbles! I will be sending out samples as soon as I can get my hands on it! Message me to get on the list now. Supplies will be limited.

Another benefit to Thrive K is that it has absolutely no caffeine and no shellfish (Glucosamine). So those adults that have been unable to Thrive due to sensitivity to caffeine or a shellfish allergy will soon have another option!

More information on Thrive K to come soon!

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It happened again!

LeVel is growing by leaps and bounds and everyone is noticing! A little over 3 years in business and year 3 being featured in Success From Home! We are not talking about an article, we are talking the ENTIRE magazine! I will have some of these in my hand within the week. If you are interested in reading one, send me a message so I can hold one for you.
Le-Vel Featured in Success From Home Magazine 3.0!

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