Thursday, January 16th


These are the reasons why you want to maximize your Jumpstart. We're all in it so how about we go for the gusto together?

Back in 2009 when I went through my Jumpstart I decided to take the attitude that I can do anything for 60 days. So, that's going to be my mantra again. Who's with me? It's so much more fun to do together!

Aside from building a killer display and raking in the business credits, with all the calls and conversations we have, just think of the magnitude of future contacts, customers, hostesses, and stylists we'll have to build momentum for our entire year! Plus...

You could win The Shift!

Or the Fleurette!

Where to start? Listen to this Jumpstart Rev-Up Call from Danielle:

If you missed a local Spring Launch and Rally or want more clarification on the NEW JUMP START, take a listen to Danielle on how she recommends going out and maximizing this AMAZING opportunity, here's the LINK to a recording she did for Tysh Mefferd's team: https://meet.fm/d/d437142526140bf43eeaad9567765bd4

(It's Americanized but definitely worth the listen from our International Team as well)

FLASH CHALLENGE from Thursday, Jan. 16th through Thursday. 23rd

1. Reach out to at least 50 people and have at least 50 conversations (both booking and sponsoring conversations) and you will get your name entered in a drawing for the NEW and AMAZING Fleurette Statement Necklace! That's 7 people a day--you can do this!

2. Reach out to at least 100 people and have at least 100 conversations and YOU will become a member of the 1st Impressions 100 Club! This will be a special group that has a special facebook group...will get extra coaching from me (if you want it of course..lol), will pace together to go and do AMAZING things with their business this year AND depending on the size AND what this group does, we'll have a special reception for YOU...our 1st Impressions 100 Club at Hoopla. We might even get Danielle to join us!

** I'll know you're doing this when I see your Trunk Show Pipeline grow and you're signing people up. Hello layered income for you! Post who's going or it on our 1st Impressions Facebook Pages: US: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224847214205727/
and UK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/341207202639355/

3. Remember..even if you don't want to go for one of these crazy numbers (although I actually think you should...set a number for yourself and participate anyway). If you have 2 trunk shows this month and you are qualified for the month..you get your name entered in the drawing for THE SHIFT. **Shows must be logged into the lounge with orders by 1/31 and you must be qualified for the month (min. of $500/£600 in sales for the entire month)

So...Ready, Set, (listen to the call if you haven't to get all the details) AND get busy warming up and dialing! You've got 7 days...and can conquer LOADS if you put your mind to it!

xo's, Carrie

Senior Director and Founding Leader