Where The Red Fern Grows

This book starts off in the 1920's where a boy named Billy really wants Redbone Coonhounds, but he could never afford it because his family was poor. Billy saves up for two years trying to get those hounds, and eventually has enough money to buy them. Soon enough he gets them and starts his hunting and selling raccoon skin at his grandfathers store and gives all the money to his dad, so that he can buy food and such things. One night on a hunting trip Billy and his dogs (Old Dan and Little Ann) get attacked by a mountain lion and his dogs take up and fight the mountain lion for him. The dogs soon enough kill the mountain lion, but one of his dogs named Old Dan gets hurt severely and soon dies, soon after Little Ann, his other dog, stops eating and lies on Old Dan's grave everyday and dies of starvation and dehydration. A couple months later him and his family decides to move, but before leaving Billy revisits his old dogs only to see two red ferns, a sacred flower only angels can grow, growing on their graves.

(This book is really amazing, and you might need tissues , just saying)