CTL Summer Bulletin

August 24, 2020

Great News!

On August 5 the Harris County Engineering Department completed their review & approval of our renovation project and submitted it for final approval to the Minor Site Development Department who approved it last Thursday night. Alief Security then submitted their application for the fire equipment permit. We expect that approval later this week or no later than next week. Then the Harris County Fire Marshall will come to inspect our building and approve it for an Occupancy Permit. We are getting so close, and we are on target to begin September 8. We appreciate your patience!

Thanks for Your Support of the Capital Campaign

We continue to be thankful for the capital campaign contributions and to Eric Introligator for his wonderful job coordinating this needed project. This week's contributions include:

Dr Vu Phung and Dr. Thenga Nguyen - $2,000

Anonymous - $2,000

Anonymous - $200

Capital Campaign contributions to date total $8,200

Student numbers are now at 54 with three new students in the last week, and our grades 3-4 now has a wait list, capping our classes at 12 in grades 1-10. With half of our enrollment from last year because of COVID, these contributions help us keep all our wonderful teachers with our family through this challenging time. We need 16 more students (eight between now and December) or contributions equivalent to that to break even with our nonprofit school. We encourage you to share our school with your friends and on social media sites including the mom/neighborhood Facebook pages. There are many who are looking for a smaller school, a school where their children can have face-to-face, in-person instruction and be safe. CTL is that school. We need to help them find us.

Join Us for Meet the Teacher!

Weather permitting, Meet the Teacher is scheduled for Wednesday, September 2. In order to follow the social-distancing guidelines, we will create a Sign-Up Genius to be sent to you on Friday, August 28 at 4:00. Unlike in the past, visits will be limited to15 minutes each, and we will not allow more than one family in the classroom at one time. Students in grades K through 10 and parents must wear a mask or face shield in the hallway and in the classrooms when there is no opportunity to social distance, We look forward to your visit. School supplies may be brought on the day of the Meet the Teacher.

CTL Team Meets for Professional Development

After two weeks of preparing their classrooms, the CTL Team gathered together last week for professional development. We met together, learned together, shared together, ate together, and planned together. What a wonderful week filled with energy, passion, excitement, and enthusiasm! One tradition we have is to recognize the giants whose shoulders we stand on in our work as educators. So thankful to those who led the way!

Quotes of the Week

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In Memory!

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It was with heavy hearts that we got the sad news of the death of Sir Ken Robinson on August 21. Sir Ken Robinson has been an inspiration to me through my educational journey and to our CTL Team each year as we sit as his feet and learn from him Just last week we were inspired again by his TED talk video, Do Schools Kill Creativity?", a CTL tradition each year during our professional development time together. It led, as always, to great discussion about what we do at Ctl to keep alive the creative spirits of our students. As stated so eloquently by one of my friends and colleagues, Treva McKissic, "He truly was an impactful individual with wit, charisma, integrity, and compassion for people. His indelible mark he left will always be a source of light and positivity! He is simply unforgettable...a forever giant in the field of education." Treva and I were honored to have a front-row seat to hear him speak in Houston after the publication of his book, Finding the Element. I as able to share with him my admiration for his work and his influence on our school. We will miss him, but his legacy will live on through his many books and videos. I encourage each of you to view the video below and the many others on YouTube. I know you will be inspired by him and see why he is so important to our work at CTL. He truly is one of the giants whose shoulders we stand on who inspires us and motivates us to continue this journey for the children.
Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson