Badminton Assignment

All about the game Badminton.

Badminton History

Badminton was used to be called Battledore and Shuttlecock in the 1600s. Battledore and Shuttlecock was brought to England by British Officers in the 1800s. They changed the name to Badminton like it is today. The first open tournament was held in March 1898 at Guildford. It first became an Olympic sport in 1992 it was played in Barcelona.



One match consists of 3 games each to 21 points. Every time someone serves the shuttlecock one of the teams gets a point. The side that wins a game serves first the next. When both teams have a score of 20 the team who gets a lead by two wins. If both teams have a score of 29 the next scoring team wins.

Odd and Even

When playing badminton there is three sections of the court. The kitchen, the left, and the right sides which are the singles and the doubles. When on the even side your score has to be even like 2,4,6,8 and so on. When your on the odd side your score has to be odd 1,3,5,7,9.

Serving errors.

When serving there are many different ways that you can make errors. You can make errors in many different things like, grip, smashing, height, and many other ways. When gripping your racket you want to make sure that you are holding like you are shaking someones hands if you don't hold the racket like this it will be harder to hit the shuttlecock. When you are serving you want to make sure that you are not smashing the shuttlecock as hard as you can or it will be inaccurate and not as easy to control. When serving a backhand and forearm you have to keep the ball under your rib cage.


A fault is kind of like a mistake. When you hit the shuttlecock into the net, out of the court, on the wrong side, etc. that is called a fault.


A let is when you have to stop the game for a second. It is for something like the shuttlecock getting stuck on the net, touching the net with your body or racket, and if your racket or any part on your body goes over the net.

Types of serves

There are four types of serves when playing Badminton. The low serve, the high serve, the flick serve, and the drive serve. When using the low serve you want to gently put the shuttlecock over the net and just in front of your opponents feet. You can hit the low serve with a backhand or forehand hit. You don't want the serve to be high you want is to be low. That is why it is called a low serve. The high serve is hit with force only using the forehand hit. The high serve is the only one that you don't want to hit with a backhand hit because you won't get as much power. When hitting the high serve you want it to land toward the back of the court. The flick serve is sort of like the high serve but is a little lower and more shallow. When doing this serve you want the shuttlecock to go behind your opponents head. Finally the Drive serve, the drive serve is fast and you want your opponent to react towards the fast birdie and miss. These are the four types of serves.