World War Why?

what are we getting into?

Dear U.S Weekly Newspaper,

My name is Colin and I am writing this newspaper letter from the war overseas and I had to put my opinion on all the jingoistic poems and media out there convincing young men like myself to enlist. I was told by all the media that joining will be easy and they avoid all the violence, depression, death, and pyschological aspects of war. The media needs to tell the young men the harshness of war and you will probably end up dying. It's ironic that the ones convincing us to join have never fought and probably never will. Thank you for your time.

American News 12/6/1917

"Thank you Bill, death tolls of American soldiers overseas have risen over a hundred thousand as this is one of the most violent wars in U.S and world history. Over three million men have been sent to Europe and most men are either not coming home or are severely wounded. This war seems to be pointless and just sending young men to their dearths. Back to you Bill..."

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A Letter from a U.S Soldier to his Mother (Real)

At night the whole sky seen from a distance was one continuous flickering flash of white fire, not for a few minutes but always. We left about 6:30, by we I mean myself and two guns (155 mm.)with their crews etc., planning to get to the battery as soon as the darkness would let us. Within an hour we had gotten to where our long range guns were and from then on it was a continuous performance for the ten kilometers further to our position. I had had an idea that I knew what heavy fire was but this was a revelation. The road for a good way led thru woods and what wasn’t in that woods in the way of artillery never existed. They seemed to be behind every tree and in every conceivable place. The noise was so great that to speak to any one you had to get right beside him and howl in his ear. However, it helped in that you couldn’t hear what was coming after you. There were long guns that yelped and sent a shell over that sounded like a soul from hell with its shriek.