Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck

Plot: Of Mice and Men

A unlikely pair of men; George who is a small, but clever figure and Lennie a large and strong character but with the mind of a child. They are laborers in California's vegetable fields with the dream to strike it big with their own farm. With this dream just in reach, it still seems to be unaccomplished because of the problem from a flirtatious women occurring on Lennie. They will find themselves in a predicament where they must make a choice to save their dream.


The changing point in this story is when Lennie kills the flirtatious women and George and Lennie find themselves in a situation trying to escape an accidental murder


In the end; The story is resolved with George being put up to a tough decision and being forced to shoot Lennie in the back of the head. With little pain to Lennie, George knows its the best choice even as hard as it is.

Favorite part

My favorite part in this story, is when George and the rest of the workers go into town and have drinks while Lennie stays back and talks to Crook. Crook then presents himself as a sentimental character and a experienced worker when he talks about how he has seen other men with the same dream but it never coming to tuition. Crook enjoying the company and getting to learn his backstory was a very fascinating part in the book.

Best Character

I believe that George is the best character because he is faced with a life changing decision and he always has good intention and never really hurt anybody. He treated Lennie like his own family even if he seemed a little cruel at times, He would always care for Lennie as if he was a son.


1. Loss- I believe loss is a important Theme because of in the story when George and Lennie worked so hard to get to their dreams and to lose them just at the end. "We were so close to having it all too, Lennie" this quote signifies George's lost hope of them ever getting their dream.

2. Dreaming- I believe dreaming is the most important theme in the story, as it drives every action the characters have in this story. Without their dreaming George and Lennie wouldn't have a set goal in attempt to achieve. At the end of the book when George says "We gonna get a little place" and then proceeds to describe the place of their dreams. This distracts Lennie and gives George the small sentimental value that Lennie and him shared in this same dream. The dream that made them family and had them accomplish so many goals.