Child Soldiers

The struggle of child soldiers


If we don't do anything about the child soldiers, a thousand more children will suffer and get taken away from their families and most of them will probably die in battle, we should do something stop the recruiting of Child Soldiers, because as people we need to come together to stop the millions of deaths that the children are facing when going into these wars, and stop the children from getting abused in the rebel groups that they get sucked into.

The issues of child soldiers

Point of View

The Human rights watch is urging rebel groups to remove children immediately from training bases. The NGO’s are trying to stop children from getting recruited but it seems like it hasn’t worked as well as they thought. The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers (CSUCS) is a UK based non-governmental organization that is to suppose to stop the recruitment of children and to make sure that they don’t have to go through warfare. The primary function of CSUCS is to act almost as a NGO and other organizations such as child advocacy organizations.


The UN Security Council passed resolution 1379 that is actually supposed to prosecute the people that are recruiting these children. The UN passing this law shows that there not messing around anymore and is trying to end this. Also the UN created a list of parties that are violating the law on recruiting children “The UN Security Council is currently involved in the implementation stage of the process, and UNICEF and the office of the special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict are still involved in the campaign and in motivational framing (reports, publications, etc.)” (Heckel).

People & Power - Child soldiers - 22 Jun 08


The UN actually got 24 children out of the Myanmar’s army. This shows that government is finally stepping it up and making sure that there will be no more recruitment of children because if there is the government will take the children right out of the army that there in. The government and other parties are trying their best to help these children and are making sure that if people do recruit them, that the people will face some sort of punishment. The UN system is ending violations against children in situations of armed conflict.

The impact

As a person I care about this issue because you never know I could have be the next child soldier that has to go to war and it’s scary to think of what would happen if I actually got recruited. Cause I have to think how it would feel like to be one of those child soldiers and have to go through torturing every day and to be able not to see your parents. The world should care because together we need to realize that what these countries are doing to children is wrong and needs to be stopped immediately. They’re getting kidnapped away from their families and being hurt in all different kind of ways. There being used for the dirty missions or as suicide bombers. It’s not right and every kid deserves to live his life the way a child should live his life and not have to worry about getting recruited and thinking every day that I could be the next one. It’s important that this issue is addressed because everyone in the world needs to know what is happening to children. We need everyone to know so we can stop it because thousands of kids are dying and not even getting a chance to even experience life, which is a really messed up thing to do to children. Children get beat, girls get rapped, they use them for the dirty jobs such a spies etc. and it’s just plain out cruel and disgusting. If we don’t do anything about it soon more and more children will get recruited and then they will die.

Abducted (Reminiscences of five former child soldiers) - Part 1.

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