Indoor pollution for china


. Around 3 billion people cook and heat their homes using fires and open stoves (wood,animal and coop waste.

78% of the south east Asia population, 2 billion people rely on solids fuels for cookin

. Indoor air pollution kills 22 million people a year

. In this region indoor air pollution was estimated to be the cause of 374,000 deaths in just children under 5!, and 185,000 deaths in adults.

Diseases and health problems caused by indoor air pollution

. Some health problems also come from indoor air pollution.

. Tachycardia ( rapid heartbeat, sometimes leading to shortness of breath.)

. Conjunctive (eye irritation)

. Myalgia (muscle pain)

.hearing loss

. Headaches, dizziness

. Malaise



. Premature deaths (more than 50% of premature deaths with children are due to pneumonia caused by indoor pollution. )


The solution I would use is to stop using coal and other biomasses to cook and heat their homes with.