Steering Committee

Agenda for Friday, April 18, 2014

Updates from Ashley (20 minutes)

  • Video Updates
  • Website Updates
  • Other

Updates from Jodi (20 minutes)

  • We had over 90 proposals submitted in-district. The committee has emailed participants to thank them for submissions and has begun to enter these into sched. Next step will be to get with Fredo for scheduling of each room, etc.
  • I met with students at MHS to ask about completing the remaining student showcase graphics we will need. They have a deadline of May 1.

Updates from Felicia (18 minutes)

  • Exhibitor's/Sponsorship Updates
  • Links from Prospectus to
  • Lunch Updates
  • Full Circle/Video Montage Updates
  • Volunteers

Next Steps

  • Volunteers
  • Set date to have detailed list of the menu items, quantity, and price needed for lunch so we can submit
  • Upload Final Prospectus & PDF's to website; Add narrative to that specific tab
  • Ensure links are connected from prospectus to website
  • Need invite procedure for notifying participants of PD development course in June
  • Send agenda items on Thursdays by noon