The Fault in Our Stars

John Green

By: Kira Jane Pomykal- 2nd period
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"Pain demands to be felt."

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Fault in Our Stars is a breathtaking book about a young cancer patient named Hazel Grace Lancaster. One day in a cancer support group a handsome young man walked in and continued to look at her throughout all of support group. They end up falling in love and being the highlight of each others lives for now. Then a horrible event happens leaving one of them heart broken. Seems interesting? Read this book and stay at the edge of your seat feel the love and the heartbreak. Warning: Kleenex boxes will be needed lots of Kleenex boxes.

Rave Reviews."

"Hilarious and heartbreaking... reminds you that sometimes when life is feeling like it's ending , it's actually just beginning." - Parenting Magazine

" A smarter, edgier Love Story for the Net Generation."- Family Circle

" Remarkable. . . A pitch-perfect, elegiac comedy." - USA Today

" Funny. . . Poignant. . . Luminous."- Entertainment Weekly

Shailene Woodley Interview about TFIOS!

Shailene Woodley talks "The Fault In Our Stars" on Craig Ferguson - May 27th 2014

Why should I read this book?

You should read this book because it is an amazing story that you should not miss. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and leave you in tears. It will leave you in pain. it will leave you crying and begging for more. So read The Fault in Our Stars now.

Everyone is Reading The Fault in Our Stars, and you should too!