Liberty In North Korea

North Korea

Why is this cause violating the Human RIghts?

This issue is violating the Human Rights because it is taking the peoples' rights away making them not be free.Its violating the 3, 4, 13, 19, 16, 24, 5, 11 Article.They have even sexually assaulted the people who are living in the camp.This is a big issue that should be solved because many people are being killed but are innocent.

How is torture in North Korea Violating the Human Rights?

In North Korea the torture being done in the camps is violating the human rights because they are killing people that are innocent, they are breaking the law that states that you would be innocent until proven guilty.They are also breaking the right of "free from torture", since they torture the people in the camp, another right they are breaking is "freedom from slavery", they are making them work fro them to get the business running while the Korean people are starving and dying, making that another law break.Many of this can be proven by the survivors who gladly escape with or with out the help from organizations like Link.This can also be proven by the book called "Escape From Camp 14" written by Blaine, that talks about how shin escaped from the camp and explains how life in the camp is and how they are torture when they break the leaders rule or they talk smack about their leader etc..

Organization Info:

This is the information for the organization that helps victims in the camps escape the camps.If you wish to help out give them a check.


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