Peer Ministry Summer Meeting Agenda

July 16, 2014

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Peer Ministry Retreat and Bonding Day

Saturday, Aug. 9th, 8am-6:30pm

6956 Nixon Dr

Riverside, CA

This will be a day retreat for us to grow as a ministry before we head into the new school year.

  • Please bring a snack to share at the sharing table.
  • The cost will be $10 to cover the cost of food and retreat supplies.
  • A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.
  • The day will end with Mass at Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church mass starts at 5:15 p.m. your families are invited to join us at Mass.
  • Permission slips are due July 25th

Information for the Permission Slip

Date of Activity/Field Trip: August 9, 2014

Time Leaving School: 9:00 a.m. (We will not be leaving the school we will meet at the location, which happens to be around the corner from the school)

Estimated time of return: 6:30 p.m.

Teacher/Coordinator: Mr. Alvarado

Reason for activity/Field Trip: Peer Ministry Retreat and Bonding Day

Means of Transportation: Student is responsible for their own ride

Cost per student: $10

Cost to cover: Breakfast, Lunch and Retreat supplies

Students needs to bring: A snack to share

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Update on Dr. Hargis

Dr. Hargis is doing much better! He was touched by the fact that we took the time out of our day to pray for him. Here are some things he said in an email exchange Mr. Alvarado had with him recently:

"The idea of you and the kids praying for me actually made me cry."

"Please tell the kids that prayed for me that I thank them forever."

Praise GOD!

Update on Refugees

Mr. Alvarado spoke with Deacon John DeGano at Saint Catherine's who is heading up the churches humanitarian efforts for all the immigrants seeking refuge here in the United States. Here is the information that we should know:

  • Saint Catherine's is now one of three hosting sites in our Diocese that will be housing families.
  • Deacon John said it would be permissible for minors to help out on sight if they have an adult chaperone with them and conform to Diocesan policy.
  • The church will only be housing families as a transitional facility. Each family we house comes to us if and only if they have someone here in the U.S. like a relative or family friend. Families staying at the church should be there no longer than 24 hours.
  • The church receives families from both San Diego and Texas.
  • There is a 24 hour warning for when families will be coming to the church (although in some cases warnings have come only 20 minutes before arrival)
  • There is not a high need for help at this time because Saint Catherine's is the third location, we serve as an overflow. With delays and changes to the way things are organized, not many families have had to come through yet.
  • If you would like to help Deacon John can be contacted at Saint Catherine's (951) 781-9855 x11

Congratulations to Our Newest Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion!

Ashley, Dominique, Diana, and Cierra! They completed training and now can serve as EMHC's for Notre Dame Liturgies.

Opening Liturgy - Learning to Love Our Mass

Speaking with the Administration, we want to Opening Liturgy each year to be a teaching mass. Mr. Alvarado will be working on a script to use and educate everyone on the motions and meaning behind various actions of the mass.

Fr. Rafael Partida was not available to do the Opening Liturgy, but Father Ed Gomez from Saint James in Perris has graciously agreed to concelebrate with our Chaplain Father Paul.

If anyone has suggestions for a Priest they think would be good as a concelebrant, please let Mr. Alvarado and Mrs. Pascua know.

Committee and Project Action Item Updates

Opening Liturgy - Nick, Dominique, Kim, Ashley

  • Altar Servers
  • Gift Bearers
  • Setup Crew
  • Break down Crew
  • Slide Show Operator
  • Ushers
  • Readers
  • Song List
  • Contact Musicians with Songs list
  • Find people to help with Choir

Bishop's Mass - Lucas, Cisco, Megan, Steven

  • Update Cisco and Lucas (Committee)
  • Write Prayers of the Faithful (Committee)

Freshmen Retreat - Isaias, Roman, Cierra, Stacy, Jose, Krishty, Diana, Jiovanni, Stephanie

  • Specify Talks (Committee)
  • Rough Outline (Committee)

Sophomore Retreat - Victoria, Janise, Quinn, Atzire, Vivianna, Claudia

  • Create a Name for the Retreat. (Team)
  • Outlines for Talks (Atzire and Victoria)
  • Find a video for the retreat (Vivianna)
  • Quinn OK to MC retreat? (Committee)
  • Find more icebreakers (Committee)


Weekly Rosary for Intentions - Megan and Stacy

Big Brother/Sister Program - Cierra, Stephanie, and Rachael

Liturgical Dance Team - Luisa

Recordable Spanish Story Books - Dominique and Stacy

Immigrant Refugee Project - Claudia, Kate, and Stacy

Other Possible Committees and Projects

Visiting and Elderly Home - Stacy, Janise, and Diana

Peer Counseling Promotion - Victoria, Krishty, Kim and Dominique

Soup Kitchen/Homeless Shelter - Kim

Future Projects

Projects that we should keep on our radar.

Junior Retreat - November 21st

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass (Morning Mass) - December 8th

Committee Break Off

Peer Ministers will break off into Committees to start working on projects.

If a peer minister is on multiple committees, choose the one that is the most important or is first on the calendar.

  • Mr. Alvarado is working on deadline sheets for each group and will send them out as they are completed.
  • Please determine times to meet and plan outside of the planning meetings, especially if your project is quickly coming up.
  • Plan and establish actions items, be ready to present to the group in large group wrap up.

Large Group Wrap

Committees review their action items for and who is responsible for each action item.

Other Business

Notre Dame will be closed the week of July 28th - August 1st. So Mr. Alvarado will be out of the office that week.

All Retreats will be held at the Citrus State Park Sunkist center. If you ever have a chance to visit there to get a visual of what you will be working with you can go there and check it out. The address is:

9400 Dufferin Avenue

Riverside, CA 92504

Closing Prayer