The Verona Apts, #HoCoHousing & you

Get informed and get involved in our community's changes

Have you heard about the Verona Apartments in Oakland Mills and the HoCo Housing Commission’s plans to purchase the complex?

There’s a lot going on. A lot of blog posts, newspaper articles, emails and more. There’s concern and confusion, excitement and forward-thinking. There’s also a walking tour of the area and a bus ride and tour of a similar project; there’s a community meeting in Oakland Mills. And there’s opportunity aplenty for you to get involved.

Read. Blog. Tweet. Chime in. Come to the walking tour, take photos and do a photo story. Or create some Vine or YouTube videos. Or a compilation. I’m figuring the walking tour could be a lot of fun and that it will be rather social. (I’m betting you’re likely to meet at least a few local bloggers, some reporters, elected officials, candidates and local civil servants working for the HoCoGov.) Plus, there are refreshments to be had. So, get local. Be local. There’s no one else to care about this community — our community — except us, and that includes you.

Here’s some info to get you going. Forward ho!

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OM Village Meeting with the HoCoGov reps

Tuesday, Nov. 19th 2013 at 7:30pm

5851 Robert Oliver Place

Columbia, MD

Meet with County officials to hear more about their plans for Verona Apartments and the village center; it’s an opportunity to learn, engage, express and get more informed.

Walking tour of OMVC, Verona Apts and a bus tour of a similar property

Sunday, Nov. 17th 2013 at 1pm

5851 Robert Oliver Place

Columbia, MD

The County will be hosting a walking tour about the future of the Oakland Mills Village Center and areas for potential enhancements. A tour of the Verona Apartments, the village and surrounding areas will be done on foot; that’s part one. Part two is a group bus ride (yes, you can drive your own car) over to Monarch Mills Apartments, upon which the County is modeling some of their plans for the Verona Apartments. Gather at the pavillion in the village center by the Columbia Bank at 1 pm. Refreshments will be served. And to reserve your spot on the group bus, please email Regina Clay at to make sure there’s a seat for you on the bus. This event ends at 3 pm. Find more info about the walking tour here.