Tokyo, Japan

Summer's Dream Vacation

Tokyo Facts

My dream vacation is to go to Tokyo, Japan, It is located on the Izu Islands, Ogasawara Islands and in Western Kanto. I want to go visit Tokyo because of how famous it is, and to try new foods I've never had before, What makes it's destination so great is because of all the shops they have, They also have Cosplayers, Cosplayers are people who dress up like a fiction character going around dressed up like them.

10 Interesting Facts

  • Tokyo has over 32 million people living there

  • Tokyo began life as a village called Edo

  • A massive earthquake destroyed nearly half of Tokyo in 1923

  • Japan is the home to the oldest monarchy in the world

  • Tokyo is home to more people than any other metropolitan area

  • Sumo is the national sport of Japan

  • Japan imports almost 85% of Jamaica's coffee production

  • Slurping your food, especially noodles, is a compliment to the cook, and it also cools the noodles down

  • The Tokyo Sky Tree is Tokyo and Japan's tallest structure at 634 meters

  • Tokyo does not have Daylight Saving


It would take me 11 hours and 17 minutes if I took the plane Airbus A380, which Travels at 945 km/h. Tokyo, Japan is about 6,633 Miles away from Willis, Texas, If I had to take someone with me it would be Texas Moss, Emily Perry and My Sister. I would get there by Plane, Me and my friends would be staying for 5 days.


We would be staying at Hotel Niwa Tokyo, It provides

  • Dogs to stay there
  • Laundry service
  • Free Wifi
  • Restaurants
  • and a Spa
I would need to pack some clothes, Bring a Cage & my Dog, and some Money


Trip Cost

  • $3,368


  • $710
Spending Money

  • $105

  • $157

  • $1,150

  • $1,446