Upper Yahara River Trail Phase 3

Sunnybrook to South Street Trail

Project FAQ Sheet

1. What is the project?

The parks department is constructing a 10' multi-use pedestrian trail within the pedestrian easement along the Yahara River.

2. Will the trail be paved?

The trail includes sections of porous asphalt and boardwalk. The boardwalk is required to span WDNR regulated wetlands in environmentally sensitive areas.

3. When will the project start?

Construction aims to start in late spring of 2014 and be complete by the end of summer 2014.

4. How much is the trail going to cost?

The trail is a $600,000 project. Nearly $514,000 of grant funds have been secured to assist in funding the project. For more information on the breakdown of funding, please see the villages website (www.vi.deforest.wi.us). Go to parks department, projects, then UYRT Phase 3 .

5. Why is the Village constructing this trail?

If you haven't been on the southern portion of the Upper Yahara River Trail, plan a walk with your family! The trail is a great way to escape, get exercise, take in nature and wildlife, access the Yahara River, take photos or just move from point A to point B without having to get in a car! Phase 3 of the trail will enhance the existing recreation opportunity offered by the trail network as well as provide a critical linkage to our downtown. With the completion of Phase 3 of the UYRT, trail users will be able to move from downtown DeForest to Windsor Road all by this 3.35 mile trail! For more detailed mapping, visit our website (www.vi.deforest.wi.us). Go to parks department, projects, then UYRT Phase 3 .

6. How will this project affect me?

The project is located on a 30' wide easement on the back of the lots on the south and east side of Riverside Drive. The easement was created when the Sunnybrook Subdivision Plat was completed and recorded. We are currently limited to this 30' area to perform the work items required to complete the construction of the trail.

7. Will any trees be removed?

Our goal is to minimize the removal of trees as much as practical. We have hired an arborist to evaluate the health of the trees as well as to assist in evaluating impact of trail construction on the trees. Because we are working within our easement we are limited to the extent we can avoid trees. We are willing to work with property owners as practical to alter the trail location to avoid trees.

8. Who will use the trail?

The trail will be a multi use trail accommodating walkers, bikers, strollers and users of all kinds.

Village of DeForest~Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources Department