Gene Editing of Crops/Animals

Genetically Modified Organisms


Benefits vary in genetically modified organisms furthermore these altered genetics have cruel effects. In the making of GMO products there are regulations in which a product has to abide by. These products are changed only to benefit the producers income and not to the consumers wants in the food market.
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Fact 3

Fakrenkrug a well know scientist knows how to rewrite the genes of a cow with horns o make them hornless. Before the farmers were forced to cut of the horns with clippers which happen to be harming the cows. This eliminates a harmful process and would benefit both farmer and cow. In this way genetically modified organisms are succeeding by simple gene editing.
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Fact 4

Organic crops are suppose to healthier than GMO crops but they happen to be chronically toxic. They also have higher negative impacts such as when there in he growing process they are soaked in chemicals. Genetically modified crops have altered genetics but are bigger than the average organic crop. The differences vary but depending on the consumers to take a bold statement and form an opinion over the topic.
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Fact 5

The public does not trust the unnatural and unfamiliar technology that is being used to produce their everyday products.While consumers are unaware of why the government condones these genetically modified organisms regulations and these are the real outraged about.. The fact that they have to hide information is what has the public is curious and willing . Furthermore the public needs to address the true cause of problems in GMO politics.