Colon Cancer

Created by: David Horrocks, Jordan Lau Quan

What is Colon Cancer?

Colon cancer is when cancer cells along the lining of the large intestine divide uncontrollably, which then causes spreading to the rest of the body.

What are the Symptoms of this Cancer? How does it Impact the People it Affects?

How Prevalent is Colon Cancer?

How is Colon Cancer Diagnosed?

What are the possible causes of this type of cancer?

Scientist still aren’t sure what the cause is for most cases of colon cancer, but they understand the movement and growth of the cancerous cells.

  • A healthy cell would grow and divide

  • When the cell is cancerous it is damaged and divides beyond the amount it’s suppose to

  • A cancer cell can infect other tissue around it, destroying the tissue

  • A cancer cell also has the ability to travel to other parts of the body

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What are the Treatments? What are the Cures?

There are three primary treatments for different forms of colon cancer. Which treatment you receive greatly depends on which stage the cancer is in.

  • During colonoscopy, if the cancer is small, then it can be removed completely without further treatment

  • You may have to have the part of the colon that holds the cancer and the surrounding tissue removed and tested if the cancer has become too big

  • An operation will be held to relieve pain and symptoms caused by the cancer by weakening a blockade in your colon

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What happens at the cellular and molecular level?

Everyone has the potential to have cancer, although some people may never be diagnosed in their life. Almost always is cancer caused by the same sequence that has multiple steps to it.

  • Microbes and parasites that generally come from not well prepared meat can infest an organ although they can also come from other areas

  • Microbes then intercept glucose which was going towards cells and then the microbes release a highly acidic and wasteful toxin in the cells

  • This toxin weakens the cells in the organ making the organ weak

  • The microbes directly and indirectly weaken the immune system

  • A weak immune system cannot kill the cancer cells fast enough so they then grow out of control

  • The core problem of cancer is microbes and parasites however they are other possible causes such filth in the colon which can also weaken the immune system
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