Brave boys of old Fort Ticonderoga

One day, two boys Ben and David, are getting a Christmas tree for their sister and there uncle comes by and gives them two new Kentucky rifles. The boys were so excited that they could not wait to try them out. The next day, the two boys go and try to work with them and they thanked their uncle and go hunting. When hunting, they see a nice white tailed buck. Ben tries to shoot it and he misses but gets a part of the antler. That was a bummer.

the final shot

When the two boys come home from their trip to the indian tribe, the boys relized that the British have attacked the fort and found their father laying down in the middle of the feild. When the Americans were retreting back down the hill a whole bunch of British soilders were coming from the other side. when they were cleared, one of them got ahold of their father and ben had one shot left and BOOM!!! goes the rifle and down goes the soilder.

Garrett Swift