Teen Life

And its Effects

The Mold

Being a teenager at this time fitting the mold is hard for anyone, especailly me. We are all expected to look and act a certain way because thats how society is. My mother cooks and cleans all day while waiting for my father to come home. This is what most mothers do, when not tending for us. It's hard being a teenage especially one that has to fit a certain mold. I go crazy trying to have to have good clothes while juggling my homework and social life. My parents expect me to do very well in school and get into a good college. This puts a lot of pressure on my studies and how well I do. I always try my best but sometimes it's not good enough. I grew up in catholic family and my parents taught me to be well behaved and respectful to everyone. I live up to that knowing that they would be dissapointed if not. I have a great group of friends that help with me all my problems and push me to do my best. Though it is very tough to live up to these standards I do what I need to honor myself and my family.