Bullying ABC's

by Andrew Olson

ABC's A though I

Act - Always act when someone is being bullied.

Be - Be a good friend NOT a bully.

Care - Care for others who are being bullied.
Don't - Don't be a bully.
Explain - Explain to others what's happening if you're being bullied.
Feel - Feel free to say stop to bullies.
Give - Give people a helping hand.

Help - Help out people who are being bullied.

Interact - Interact with others when someone is being bullied.

ABC's J though Q

Judging - Judging people negatively needs to stop.
ind - Be Kind to others.
Laugh - Laughing at others is bad.
Make - Make people feel better about themselves.
Never - Never make fun of people for how they look.
Opinion - Keep opinions to yourself if there are bad.
Put downs - Put downs should stop.
Quickly - Quickly stop every bully before they strike again.

ABC's R though Z

Racist - Racist comments should Never be said.

Stop - Stop bullying if you are a bully.
Treat - Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Use - Use your resources to stop bullying.
Violence - Violence should never happen

Words - Words can hurt more than you think.
eXcept - EXecpt others for who they are.
Yelling - Yelling at others is bad.
Zero - Zero bullying should be allowed.