Mt. Olympus News

By Lexi R and Julia F

Eros and Phyche's Adventure!

There once was a king and a queen that had three beautiful girls, but on was more beautiful than the others. Her name was Psyche. Later on she was older and she was the only one of her sisters that wasn't married. She went to the top of a mountain to find her fate and got carried by the windgod to a mason hidden somewhere. Her "husband" was invisible and he didn't want to be in front of his wife. One day her sisters convinced her to see what he looked like while he slept because he was visible then. It was Eros! She fell in love. She accidentally spilled wax on his shoulder and he flew away from fright. Phyche desperately wanted her beloved husband back. Ero's mother, Aphrodite, wanted Phyche to perform various tasks in order to get her son back. Psyche desperatly wanted Eros back so she did all the hard tasks. Aphrodite was furious. She did not want there to be a more beutiful woman her and wlso more that Psyche was a mortal. She would not want someone more beutiful that herself marrying her son either! But, she kept her word and gave over her son. Psyche soon became the goddess of beaty and thay all lived happily ever after.

An interview with Eros and Psyche


Julia: Welcome to the interview starring Julia and Lexi.

Lexi: Todays show will feature Ero and Psyche.

Julia: Ero, were you scared when you found Psyche on the ground?

Ero: Yes, I was indeed startled seeing my love on the ground.

Lexi: Did you have any other feelings?

Ero: No.

Julia: Psyche, did you ever suspect that Aphrodite was trying to test you?

Psyche: I did.

Julia: Why didn't you do anything about that?

Psyche: Because I was just a human at the time, and she could have done something bad to me.

Lexi: Did you ever get revenge on her when you became a god?

Pyche: No.

Lexi: Why?

Psyche: Well, I believe that revenge is never the answer to any situation.

Julia: So, is she still jealous of your beauty?

Psyche: I believe so.

Lexi: Now Ero, if you really loved Psyche from the start, why did you leave her?

Ero: Well, she did not trust me, and I think trust is important in a relationship.

Julia: Then why did you come back?

Ero: Because people deserve second chances.

Julia: But what would you do if Psyche did not want to be a god?

Ero: I would have become a human with her.

Lexi: If you did become a human, would you miss not being a god?

Ero: If it meant being with my true love, then no.

Psyche: Awww.

Lexi: Psyche, what would you say if Ero said he would rather be a god than be with you?

Psyche: Well, I know he would never do that. I wanted to be a god, so I would have said no.

Julia: So, is Olympus all clouds, or...

Psyche: Humans are not allowed to know what Olypus looks like.

Lexi: Why?

Psyche: It is just something that only gods can know about.

Ero: And, it is sort of like fish belong in water and humans belong on land.

Julia: Now Ero, is your name the same as Cupid?

Ero: Yes.

Julia: Are you Cupid?

Ero: Yes...I am the god of love.

Lexi: We are running out of time now, so we only have time for about four more questions.

Julia: OK. Now Ero, what does the god of love do?

Ero: I make people fall in love using my arrows.

Lexi: Is that how you got your name?

Ero: Yes. I just spell it like a name, not the object.

Lexi: Psyche... if Aphrodite was here right now, what would you say to her?

Psyche: I would just ask her if we could put the past behind us and move forward.

Julia: What if she didn't want to?

Psyche: Then I would just do it and hope that some day she will come to her senses.

Lexi: Ok, that's all the time we have today...

Julia: Check us out next week...

Lexi and Julia: BYE!!!

Psyche compared to Queen Kate...

Psyche is a Goddess, married a God, lives in Mt. Olympus, and She is the Goddess of love.

Kate is a Queen, She married a Prince, She is the Queen of England, and lives in a castle.

Both: They are beautiful, kind, women, are important, and both have 2 siblings, and they both married handsome grooms.