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Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Sleep well and prepare for your 1st period final!

Finals Week Early Release

Parent Pick Up

9:20-9:45 (day of lunch period) Parent Pick Up will be in the bus lane. Pull into the bus lane from West Price Road and follow the directions of staff. You will pull forward and park on either side. Pull as close to the curb as possible. The center lane will be used for exit. Once you have parked wait for your child, once they are in your car please pull through using the center lane. Please drive very carefully as students will be walking in this area.

11:45 (regular school ending time) Parent Pick Up will be Normal End of Day procedure. Turn into the student parking lot take an immediate right, do not park in the first two rows, continue around and either: 1. Park in a space and wait for your student or 2. Follow the perimeter around to the pick-up line and wait for your student.


Yellow early leave sheets must be turned in prior to finals in order for you to leave during your lunch block!
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It's Senior Week!

Thursday, May 19. Senior Breakfast and Kindergarten Day.

*We will begin serving breakfast at 6:30 in the cafeteria, but make sure to
come by even if you don't get to school until 7:00. We will have a variety
of Hardee's biscuits, fruit, etc...
*Kindergarten Day--Wear your overalls, name tags, and pig tails. Get out
your blankies, your favorite stuffed animal, and your old lunch boxes.
Don't forget your bus number! NO wheels of any kind, though--no scooters,
roller blades, tricycles, etc...

Friday, May 20--First period exam. No dress-ups. Get a good night's sleep
and come ready to rock that test.

IMPORTANT: The final Final Exam exemption list will be printed Friday morning. All students are expected to come to class for the rest of the day even if 1st period final is exempt. Not attending class for the rest of the day will count as an absence.

Seniors, if you have been awarded a scholarship for next year, and would like recognition in the program at Senior Honors Night, please make a copy of the award letter and drop it off in the Counseling Office. This will be self-reported information.

Senior Graduation Signs

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Summer Assignments are being updated weekly. The final list should be posted by tomorrow.

Counseling News- MOVE ON WHEN READY (MOWR)

Students who are applying for Move On When Ready for 2016-17 school year,
please see your counselor to complete the MOWR Participation Agreement
before the end of the semester. Counselors do not work during the summer so
it is very important that you complete the paperwork now to avoid any

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