Battle of Marne


By chris Estabrook , Jose


Battle of marne was on September 6, 1914, some 30 miles northeast of Paris

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On September 6, 1914, some 30 miles northeast of Paris, the French 6th Army under the command of General Michel-Joseph Manoury attacks the right flank of the German 1st Army commanded by General Alexander Von Kulck, beginning the decisive First Battle of the Marne at the end of the first month of World War 1. the number of troops is for the French is 1,071,000 and the Germans is 1,485,000. the french won the battle. the casualties for French is 263,000 for Germans 256,000.

The link below is a link to a diary of Alan Seeger

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Small-Group WW1 Day Trip from Paris; Aisne-Marne battle field, Belleau Wood and Museum of the Great War

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