The Noble Knight

From Cantlebury

The Rise Of The Knight

The knight was a very honorable and generous man, he was the man of the law. Like the sherif of our time, he pursued crimes. He is also a military chief ( jousted in their time) , always ready for war and awards to prove it. He is the heart and backbone of his time. If anyone needed help, he was the man for the job. Although he had money, he doesn't show it. He was there to help not impress. He is very approachable and outgoing. (Lines 75-80) Many might call him the perfect gentle knight,( lines 70-74) .

Many see his strengths but what are his weaknesses?

One weakness that is very clear is , his wife. They don't talk about her, why?

In our opinion, we think she is low class, so he doesn't want to show her off. Maybe he is embarrassed.

If he became a king one day, he doesn't want her at his side.

Can he be everywhere at once?

He is always trying to impress everyone by his actions. He wants to be the top dog, but is he. Is he perfect like everyone thinks he is? In line 69, it says he is a sovereign in all eyes, always there. ( sovereign means ruler)

The Knight Trailer (Canterbury Tales Prologue)

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