8 Things to do over Winterim!

Sleeping is great, but a few hours of effort = huge payoffs!

#1 ) Apply for a scholarship...several NEW ones just posted!

The Financial Aid Office just posted several new scholarships for UW Oshkosh students!

And here are a few more with February deadlines:
  1. The Kerrigan scholarship for student who have completed 24-45 credits.
  2. Community Dragon Boat Scholarship for students with financial need.
  3. Agnes Drexler Kujawa Memorial Scholarship for Single Mothers
  4. full listing of scholarships...

#2 ) Sell your books online, buy your new ones too.

If you want to get the most back on selling your text books, set up an account on www.half.com (an Amazon website) or other book selling websites. Now is the best time because students are buying books for 2nd semester and you should be too! Shop around at the campus bookstore and online to get the best deal.

#3 ) Set up a Job Shadow or Mock Interview.

Job shadowing is one of the best ways to network in your future career field, or find out if a career is a good match for you. Don't know who to shadow? Talk to your advisor, Career Services, or join the LinkedIn University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Alumni Group or the LinkedIn SSS Alumni Group.

Haven't had any interview experiences? You can set up a mock or real interview through Career Services. Don't wait until the night before your first big interview. Get the skills now!

#4 ) Apply for a summer job or internship.

While it may seem that summer is far, far away when you look out at all the snow, many companies are actually recruiting now for their summer positions! Don't wait to choose from the leftovers, get on Titan Jobs and look through the listings now.

#5 ) Create or Update your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is not just for people who have already started their careers. It's a great way to start building your professional network while you're still in college. Chances are you made some great connections first semester, why not add those people to your network? I'll help you get started... add your SSS advisor now! (Kaitlyn, Jolene or Jenny).

#6 ) Update your Resume

Did you work on campus last semester? Did you complete a really cool class project (think Quest classes...)?

Don't let your experiences drift off to the land of forgotten memories, add them to your resume now. Gasp! You don't have one? Now's the time! You can start with a Word template, and check out some tips here.

#7 ) Volunteer!

While break may not be long enough to get in an internship, it's definitely long enough to volunteer! Choose an organization that matches your interests and contact them to see if they have opportunities. Start this soon! Some organizations require an application. Check out this database.

#8 ) Send a thank you.

Do you have a professor that went the extra mile to help you learn? Did you use a campus resource like the Writing Center or Tutoring Lab? Write a thank you note! It's a great way to show your appreciation, and it will give you extra brownie points for professionalism!