VanderWall & Wedick's ELA Classes

Week of 10/24-10/28

All About Me

Greyhound ELA students are finishing up their Informational Text Unit with a unit exploring their own identity. We will be reading and writing about self-image, our names, alter egos, our ideal selves, and more.

Our two big projects for this mini unit will be a research assignment on a country that we have a connection to and a presentation where students tell the class about them (using information from articles we read and writing assignments).

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REMINDER - Accepting Late Assignments

Students were reminded of our late policy in class. As per our syllabus, during semester one, students have two days to turn in late work for a maximum grade of 75%. During semester two, students will have one day to turn in late work for a maximum grade of 75%.

If you have any questions about assignments from Skyward, please feel free to email us at and

Stem List 14

We started learning Stem List 14 this week. It is available on It's Learning under the VanderWall ELA course page. Look for the Stem List Resource Page in the left column of the course page.

We have a stem list assessment every Friday,

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Upcoming Dates

Thursday, October 27th - Giant Bucks Store

Monday, October 31st - Library Day

Tuesday, November 1st - Writer's Notebook Due

Thursday, November 3rd - Country Research Project Due

Monday and Wednesday, November 7th & 9th - All About Me Presentation

Thursday, November 10th - Unit 1 Post Test

Friday, December 23rd - 40 AR Points Due