March 23-27, 2015


Congratulations Ms. Rodgers! She has been selected as the teacher of the 4th Six Weeks!

Ms. Rodgers is one of the most positive and uplifting teachers at NRE. She is always looking for ways to support her students and praise their efforts in common as well as unusual ways. She goes the extra mile to make sure students are engaged and learning. She supports some of the most challenging learners on campus and does so with grace and caring. She is my hero who I want to pattern my teaching style after. She reminds me that calm and collected is that best way to get and maintain student attention.


Congratulations Ms. Dill! She was selected as the Staff of the 4th Six Weeks!

Dawn always has a smile and kind word for everyone! She is enthusiac about events at school. You can always count on her!


Reminders for TELPAS:

Grades K-1st: You may start filling out your Holistic Rating rosters (Speaking, listening, reading, writing). Once they are complete give them to me, so that I can start loading into the system. Rating window is March 16th to April 3rd.

Grades 2-4th : Many of you and I have had conversations about writing samples. Once you have completed the changes that need to occur, let me know and I will sign off on samples. After samples are completed and verified you may start rating your students on the Holistic Rating rosters (Speaking, listening, reading, writing) due by April 3rd.

STAAR Training

All teachers will be trained on State Assessment Administration. Please make sure to complete the INDIVIDUAL Module 1, PRINT the certificate and give Oliver a copy. The link to the module is Face to face training will take place on April 2nd during faculty meeting and the above requirement needs to be completed before then.

March 30 -31: 4th grade STAAR WRITING test. Testing will happen in the 2nd grade hall, main hallway, 3rd grade hallway and 4th grade hallway. Please ensure hallways are covered for testing security purposes.

Co-curr schedule will change as follows for this STAAR administration:

Kindergarten: 9:15-10:10

Third Grade: 10:15-11:10

Fourth Grade: 1:40-2:35

Reminders and Expectations!

  • Last day to tutor K-2 students will be Friday, April 3rd. Students in Grades 3-4 will be able to tutor until Friday, April 17th.
  • TPRI/Tejas Lee AIMSweb PROGRESS MONITORING March 23-27
  • OPEN HOUSE is Thursday, March 26th from 6:00pm - 7:00pm! All professional staff members are expected to be at NRES to assist with this event. Remember the workshop meeting is cancelled for this day to prepare for Open House.
  • Mid year conversations and parent conferences about POSSIBLE retention need to take place. Please see AR EIE (R2) for detailed information. This should be a conversation you have with administration PRIOR to parent conference.

  • PLC Meetings will be in grade level room unless otherwise specified.
  • In an effort to increase awareness and prevention regarding Type 2 Diabetes, please have all 3-12th grade teachers show this short video (Type 2 Diabetes Informational) anytime between March 23 – March 27. There are a few questions at the end of the video for teachers to review with students. The teachers can access the video on K-Cloud.
  • It is time to get ready for summative evaluations. Please complete PDAS parts 2 and 3 in Eduphoria by April 3rd.

  • Please return all NEW/UNUSED Math and Science Workbook to Oliver's office by Monday, March 23 for inventory.

  • There will be a CEIC Meeting on Wednesday, March 25 at 3:00 p.m. in the Library.

Thank you Coach Hernandez!

The Cupstacking Tournament was amazing! Mr. Hernandez worked very hard with our students to reach outstanding results!
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K-Mcginty 98.89%

1- Rodgers 98.95%

2- Tomaselli 100.00%

3 -Gonzalez 100.00%

4- Quijano 100.00%

4- Rodriguez 100.00%

Jones - 100%

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Answer the Question, Please!

Question? On the map showing the security check, why aren't the office doors marked as locked or unlocked?

Answer? The only doors that are checked are ones that can be used in a lockdown scenario. The office staff besides nurse relocate to a room designated by the principal. That door remains locked at all times. That's why the security officer is not required to check the office doors.

Where is Everyone this Week?

March 23: Everyone on Campus!

March 24: Human Resources Meeting (Jackie @ 2 p.m.)

March 25: Everyone on Campus!

March 26: Everyone on Campus!

March 27: Everyone on Campus!

Staff Birthdays

Kuilan, Wanda 25-Mar

Bryant, Ann 31-Mar

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