YMLA's AVID Newsletter

March 2021

Personal Insight

What are Personal Insight Questions (PIQ)?

The personal insight quests are about getting to know you better—your life experience, interests, ambitions, and inspirations. Think of your interview with the committee... Be open. Be reflective. Find your individual voice and express it. PIQ help provide context for the rest of your application. Most interviewer come up with 8 questions and from those 8 each applicant are asked 4.

Who needs to do PIQ? Primarily 8th &12th grade students complete the PIQ when filling out the high school and college applications. However, even 6th-7th grade students can start looking at and thinking about what their responses might be. It gives you an early look into what the interviews will want to know about you when you have your interview.

Why should I do the PIQ? If you want to apply to a magnet or early college, you will be required to interview. You might not be interested in any of the magnet schools or early college campuses. That’s ok! Many of these questions or similar type questions also show up when applying for scholarships or jobs. Since you are using your own words you can pull from your PIQ when filling out scholarship applications and job applications. While practicing your responses do not use fragments, abbreviations, or slang language.

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