Laurens Life!

By: Lauren Hooper


For my career I chose to be a Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor. What I do at the job is I advise people who have alcoholism or other types of addiction, eating disorders, or other behavioral problems. I work in a wide variety of areas such as mental health centers, prisons, and private practice. Most work full time. What degree you need to work this job ranges from a High School diploma to a Masters degree. My annual salary is $35,740 and my net pay is $2101.23


The car I got was a 2001 Ford E250 Super. Its cheap and it can hold a lot of stuff. The only thing is I might be mistaken for a creeper driving around the van. My car costs $995. The cool features my car has are brakes, airbags, air conditioning, ladder holder, and a radio. It's not the nicest car but as long as it gets me around and works properly, hey a car is a car.



I am renting a room at the Hawks Ridge in Iowa City. The address is 100 Hawk Ridge Drive. It has 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom It costs $1,120 a month. The cool features I have are a ceiling fan, air conditioning, lighting, and fitness room access.