By: Anika Philips

Why Narcolepsy?

I chose narcolepsy because some of my family members have it. Such as my mom, my grandpa, and my aunt. I have riden in a car across the country with 2 narcoleptic people driving. The video will explain what narcolepsy is.

Do you have narcolepsy?

If you think you have you need to be tested. Narcolepsy is tested by staying the night at the hospital. This is called a sleep test. During the sleep test you are hooked up to electrodes. The electrodes test for other things than just narcolepsy such as insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, etc.

My aunt

My aunt Laura was diagnosed with narcolepsy when she was in second grade. The teachers noticed that she was kinda dosing off but when she got her attention she knew the answer. My aunt Laura got tested for many other things than narcolepsy. A.D.H.D. was one of them. A.D.H.D. has many similar symptoms as narcolepsy. Drowsyness, The inability to pay attention, daydreaming, etc. When she was diagnosed with narcolepsy, no one was surprised. My grandpa has it and now my mom has it.

Different cases

All narcolepsy cases are different. My mom, for example, doesn't have to take her pills every 6 hours. But my grandpa does. My moms case was a little less serious than my grandpas. That's why she doesn't have to take it as much. My uncle Tom is 99% sure he has narcolepsy. But he can't be tested. Why? He had a seizure. You can't be tested if you've had a seizure. He claims he hasn't had one but everyone knows he did. But now he can't be tested. That means he can't have pills. So he can't work, he can't drive, nothing. He's not allowed.