Kimberly Dees

BA Applied Behavioral Sciences, BA Psychology

A little bit about me...

My name is Kimberly Dees and I have three sons ages 23, 9, and 7 years old. I live in Oakland, CA for 2 years, Castro Valley, CA for 6 years, and Vallejo, CA for majority of my life minus 3-4 year in Sacramento, CA while attending CSU Sacramento. I enjoy reading, going to the movies, listening to all sorts of music. I used to play musical instruments flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, and violin. My hobbies consist of sewing, volunteering, and acting as an extra in motion pictures. I have been working for Kaiser Permanente in the healthcare field for 16 years in various positions over the years as a recruitment assistant, staff coordinator, and Teleservice Representative (TSR). I am currently a Certified Medical Assistant working in Dermatology Dept. My plan with my degrees is to continue to pursue my master’s and doctoral degree in clinical psychology to become a clinical psychologist. In the meantime, I am hoping to find a position with my degrees to work in the mental health dept at Kaiser to get experience while working on my Master’s and Doctoral degree. I chose to become a mentor because when I first applied to Ashford, I hardly knew anything about this University, but I noticed that they offered a wide variety of online degrees that I was pursuing to do. My admission counselor Kimberlee Ventura was my mentor and still is. She gave me insight regarding Ashford and her reasons why I should pursue my degree at this University. I was a bit scared due to my ADHD and learning disability. Kimberlee introduced me to the Student Access and Wellness program to get the help and resources that I needed in order to achieve my goals. She had guided me through my 2nd class asking if I needed any assistance regarding my work or just to check-in to see how I was doing. I wanted to return the favor for all the new and transfer students that are coming into Ashford with concerns and nervousness. If it wasn’t for Kimberlee, I may have not wanted to be a Mentor. This is what I wanted to do and a stepping-stone for me in what I am majoring in. I love to help people and to assist them. It gives me great pleasure and enjoyment. My keys to success in school are to build a rapport with new students as well as the continuing students as Ashford. To be successful in school is not to procrastinate and do your work even if you are ahead. Tackle the easy ones and then tackle the hard ones so that you have that extra time to have experienced staff to assist you in your assignments. You also need to have a support group in order to succeed in school and well as communication.