Canada 2035

What Will Canada be like?

What will Canada be 2035

Canada is known for its freedom. Because of this Canada has many different types of people from all over the world. Canada has many different cultures, religions, and races. It is because of this that Canada is the desirable place for immigrants. Canada has many different types of immigrants but what you can see is that most immigrants come from India, as the rate of Indians is rising in the near future you will see more Indian immigrants.

As there were and still are problems in Canada with the natives, as time passes the situation slowly clears up, in the near future we will see more native people with society. Canada's climate is what it is because of all 4 of its seasons, because of that Canada can grow many different types of vegetation. But besides that it's the Lauren, it has to do with the latitude and the altitude. Canada has a variety of landforms such as Western Cordillera Region, Interior Plains, Canadian Shield, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Great Lakes-St, Lawrence Lowlands. Appalachian Region, Arctic Lowlands, Inanition Mountains. Climate changes with its different landforms, for example the higher the mountains the colder it gets.

Canada's most important resource are the oil sands. Unfortunately Canada does not manage this resource in a sustainable matter, as it inefficient for water, and as oil comes in it goes to its major buyers for example America. But besides that Canada has many exports, that's how it will be connected to the rest of the world. Canada will have many Of their immigrants come to Ontario as less then half are living in Ontario, and the population is still rising meaning by the near future more and more immigrants will fill Ontario. As more people come Ontario will have to expand its living area, but there is a lot of room, so Urban sprawl will not be an issue. As they expand this process in which to do so may be not well to they environment, but there are solutions such as putting more Greenland between building and on buildings. As clean air and clean water will not be a problem.

From the information I've gotten it is that Canada is developing very fast, with many people coming in the country, and fixing problems. Many job opportunities opening up Canada will soon become the land a dreams beside Amarica.