Types of Engineers

Civil Engineers

What does a Civil Engineer do?

Well every building that is made needs a civil engineer,Why? Because they create the design for buildings that you see all around you.
What do Civil Engineers Do?
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Civil Engineers's Salary

Average salary for civil engineers is $84,140
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Civil engineers working Conditons

Civil Engineers work outside at a construction site with their blueprints of the building so the construction workers
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Major responsibilities

Civil Engineers have a lot of responsibilitys when it come to building design.

They have to design areas in buildings and houses,such as a bathroom,living room,kitchen, and many others. Depending on the size of the building they have to make very sturdy structures.

Demand for Civil Engineers.

There will be a high demand for Civil Engineers in the future as our architecture gets more advanced and they will have to make more complex designs and also more buildings.

Education requirements

A bachelor's degree is required from an accredited program,it is also the minimum requirement for most civil engineering jobs.

Below is a example of a Civil Engineers degree.

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Civil Engineers working

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