Easter And Antigua Islands

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Easter Island

About Easter Island

On Easter Island the Polynesians were the ones who first discovered and made the statues on the Island. Jacob Roveenveen arrived on Easter Day in 1722 and thats how it got the name Easter Island. The nearest populated area is 2,000 miles awayon south America so it is one of the most isolated places on earth.

Easter Island Pictures

Easter Island was the home to the Easter bunny in the movie Hop

Easter Island The Mystery of the Monolith ( Maoi)

Antigua Island

Maoi statues on Easter Island

About Antigua Island

In ancient times Cibony Indians lived here for thousands of years but for unknown reasons left. But years later the island was again discoverd in 1493 Columbus went by the island that the Carib Indians now inhabbited. And were not disturbed again until the early to mid 1600's. When English colonists showed up and took the Island over.

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Antigua: Antigua Island Video Postcard