Vasco Da Gama was born in 1469 in Sines, Portugal. As a young man Vacso Da Gama studied astronomy and navigation. He became a Naval officer in 1492. In 1497, King Manuel I asked him to find a sea route to India.
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Da Gama sailed the Cape of Good Hope to India. King Manuel rewarded Vasco for his trip to India by giving him the title of Admiral of the Sea of India. He was also named Viceroy of India and Count of Vidigueira.
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Impact on Today

Vasco Da Gama discovered a trade route to India from Portugal. His discoveries helped Portugal become a powerful and wealthy nation. His voyage helped Portugal control the sea routes to the East for a hundred years.

Interesting Facts

  • His voyage helped launch a new era of discovery called the Age of Exploration.
  • A member of Da Gama's crew kept a daily journal of the first voyage to India.
  • In Portugal, he is a hero but in other parts of the world he is most known for his violence. Is Vasco Da Gama a hero or a villian?
Vasco da Gama's journal which he wrote during his first trip to India

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