Sneak Preview

New WSU Honors Courses for Spring 2016!

Designed for sophomores and transfers to the program:

Second Year Seminar: President’s Honors Panel
Dr. Thomas Conroy

A problem-based learning course in which the students will produce a report in response to a research question set by President Maloney. The general theme is "Worcester as college town/WSU in Worcester." (HBS, ICW, WAC)

Second Year Seminar: “We the People"

Dr. Charlotte Haller

A special topics course that will provide historical perspectives on current issues, focusing upon the state and federal constitutions as living documents. This course will draw upon the law and society intellectual movement to provide students with the tools to understand the ways that laws reflect, limit, and shape society. (CON, USW, WAC)

Designed for all honors students:

"Reel American History" Learning Community

Dr. Tona Hangen and Dr. Karen Woods Weierman

The Reel American History LC will investigate the history that movies make and the implications for our civic and cultural life. Students will enroll in two courses:

HI 112: U.S. History II (USW, CON)

EN 190: Special Topics--Historical Memory in Fiction and Film (TLC, WAC)

For more information:

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