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Sparkman Middle will become a No Place for Hate School this year

No Place for Hate is a program of the Anti-Defamation League that helps schools enhance or create a culture of respect.It is designed to celebrate diversity and empower students and teachers to stand up against prejudice.

We will complete the following three activities during the year:

  • No Place For Hate March: (10-21-16)~We will march around the campus to declare that our school is a No Place for Hate School. Each homeroom will design a sign to hold up and create a chant to sing. The class with the most creative sign and chant will receive a prize.
  • We will organize a Social Media Campaign that encourages people to act as an ally when confronted with instances of stereotypes, prejudice or bullying. (12-16-16)
  • Organize an Essay contest with a theme that is either personal experience with prejudice or a success story in the fight against it. The winner will receive a prize and their essay will be read at an assembly and will be on all the school’s social media sources. (2-17-17)

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Kuder Navigator

8th grade students will be registering for Kuder Navigator. Navigator allows them to take career interest inventories and research possible careers. Students will create a portfolio utilizing Navigator that they will use throughout their middle and high school years. Parents and students are encouraged to check out the link below:

Want to go away to college? Your test scores do matter!

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