Google Drive and Team Collaboration

Making the Most of It

Learn to Speak Google

  • Google Apps - The Suite of Apps created by Google - Specifically, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawings
  • Google Chrome - Google's Internet Browser - while Google Apps integrate best with Chrome, you don't have to use Chrome to use the Apps
  • Google Drive - This is where you save everything - think of your H: drive
  • Docs - Documents, Word Processing - Think Microsoft Word
  • Sheets - Spreadsheets - Think Microsoft Excel
  • Slides - Presentations - Think Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Forms - Use this app to create forms, surveys, and quizzes
  • Drawing - Create pictures using text, shapes , images, arrows, etc.

Getting Started

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Setting Up Your Shared Folder

Once you have accessed your drive, you are ready to start collaborating. Note: Only one person on the team actually needs to create and share the folder.

  • Click New
  • Select Folder
  • Title the folder

Sharing the Folder

  • In Drive, select the folder you want to share
  • Right click on the folder and select "SHARE"
  • Where it says "People", type in the email addresses ( of the people that need access to the folder
  • Click Send

Accessing the Shared Folder

Unless you created the Shared Folder, you will not be see the folder in your drive, but you can add it to your drive.

  • In your Google Drive, click on "Shared with Me"
  • You should see the folder in the list. Right click on the folder and select "Add to My Drive"
  • Now you should be able to click back on "My Drive" and see the shared folder in your drive.

Note: The folder will still be accessible from your "Shared with Me" folder too. Do not delete it from the shared with me folder as this will also delete it from your drive.

Managing Shared Folders in Google Drive

Things to Know about Shared Folders

  • Anything placed in this folder or created in the folder can be seen and edited by everyone that has permission to edit the folder.
  • If you change a document, you change it for everyone.
  • "Make a Copy" if you want your own personal copy in your drive.
  • You can change individual permissions on files if necessary. (see video above)

Ideas for Making the Most of your Shared Folder

  • Share Lesson Ideas - worksheets, handouts
  • Create and Edit Grade Level Newsletters, Notes, Forms, etc.
  • Have a sub folder with great go to activities that any team member can access if needed.
  • Create a shared folder just for pictures of grade level events. When it's time to put together an end of the year slideshow, all of the pictures are in one place.