Thank you to our community

A message from the Superintendent and School Board Chair

November 25, 2020

As we head into a season of giving thanks, it’s important for our community to know how thankful we are in Mounds View Public Schools -- especially during these unprecedented times.

Like many school districts across the country, Mounds View is experiencing a school year like no other in recent memory. The pandemic has forced us to adapt to the spread of COVID-19 in our community and in our schools. And as you know, our road to reopening schools this year has not taken a straight path.

All of these changes, interruptions and pivots have caused considerable strain, stress and frustration for many. Which is why we want to say THANK YOU.

Students: Thank you for your resilience in the face of adversity. You’ve lost many of the things considered “the best” parts of school -- dances, activities, hallway hangouts. And you’ve been asked to adapt to a new way of learning with online instruction. We appreciate your best efforts to make the best of the situation. Our staff misses seeing all of you every day.

Parents: Thank you for your sacrifices in your work, home and personal lives to accommodate your children’s school experiences. Juggling jobs, child-care and homework help isn’t an easy task in normal times, let alone these days. We know the impact school decisions have on you, and we’ve deeply appreciated your partnership.

Teachers and staff: Thank you for your unwavering dedication to your students. Despite concerns over your own health and safety, you have continued to teach and support students in less-than-ideal work conditions. Your personal concern for your students, for their education and for their well-being is more evident than ever.

Community members: Thank you for extending so much support, encouragement and grace to our students and staff. This is not a path any of us chose, but it’s been heartening to see our residents recognizing our efforts with smiles, virtual high-fives, “thank you” posters, flowers, pizzas, coffee and other donations too numerous to mention.

Change isn’t easy on anyone. And we certainly will experience further challenges this school year that will require flexibility and adjustments for all. Please know that we personally feel fortunate to be serving such an exceptional community that values the education our schools provide and recognizes the obstacles we’re navigating.

For your sacrifices.

For your support.

For your patience.

For your partnership.

We at Mounds View Public Schools thank you so very much.

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