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Ready for some Mind-Blowing News? (No? Well, that's too sad)

Most Magical DIY Presents

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Can't you feel the Mistletoe?

Don't you feel the Holiday Spirit swirling around? Everybody starts to buy presents, and kids start to write their Christmas Lists. But everybody has once forgotton someone's present, and have to scrape up something last minute, and so to help you along, I've write a blog post about the 10 D.I.Y. presents people actually want. You can find it here. ENJOY!
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How to make Cute Labels with Google Docs

Who doesn't love free stuff? I recently wrote a blog post on Creating Labels with Google Drawing and I personally think this is one of my best, picture-filled, blog posts ever! You can check it out here. Besides: at the end, I have a gift for you people! So head over to my blog and check it out!

A JustColourMyDay Shop!

This is just an experiment, but I added a store to my website! I'm super excited for some reason....

You can check it out here.

Use the form below to tell me what you think of it! If you're lucky, you'll get a prize, too!