Denver Broncos

Hank Germany

Broncos From The Start

The Broncos first game was on September 9, 1960. They won their first AFL game by beating the Patriots 13-10. But however they had the worst record in the AFL with a 4-9-1 record. On top of that they had the ugliest uniforms. After they went 3-11 in their second season they hired a new head coach Jack Faulkner. Jack held the 'Great Sock Barbecue,' the players hated the socks so they burned them. They started strong with 7 wins though 9 games, but however they didn't finish well.

Payton Manning

The Broncos have had many star players and they still do. Like Payton Manning he the quarter back of the Denver Broncos, he's one of the best QB's ever. He has won two super bowls, and he has was the MVP (most valuable player) in one of them.

von miller

Von Miller is probably the best linebacker in the game right now. He has won the super bowl once, and he was the MVP in the game. Von is only 26 and he is already one the best. He wares the number 58 in the games.