WINGS Online 2020

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Update on our plans for WINGS 2020

We hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy!

Thank you for your patience as we plan on how to best deliver our programming this summer.

For the health and safety of our students and staff, we have decided to not hold any classes on campus this summer. Instead, a limited number of classes will be conducted online through Zoom.

The following preparations are being made:

  • Each class will have two staff members in the Zoom room - the Instructor and a Facilitator to help things run smoothly.
  • The Zoom room will be conducted under an institutional account owned by the MAISD.
  • The Zoom room will have security settings enabled to prevent any issues with uninvited guests.
  • A total of 10 classes will be offered for 3rd through 6th graders.
  • Classes will be limited to no more than 16 students each.
  • Devices will be available to borrow if needed.

Please Note:

  • An adult must be present in the home for the duration of virtual WINGS classes.
  • While we will not have virtual classes available for 1st & 2nd graders, we plan to share fun educational activities you can do at home this summer.
  • The tuition cost will be $60 per class. The last time WINGS tuition was increased was in 2013.
  • Scholarships will be available to cover half of the tuition cost for households whose income qualifies them for free or reduced lunch.


  • Wednesday, June 17th - Class Offerings Announced
  • Thursday, June 18th - Registration Opens
  • Tuesday, June 30th - Registration Closes
  • Monday, July 20th through Thursday, July 23rd - Week One of Classes (5 Classes)
  • Monday, July 27th through Thursday, July 30th - Week Two of Classes (5 Classes)


Joel Selby

MAISD Special Projects Manager

WINGS Summer Enrichment Program

WINGS is an MAISD and Muskegon Community College (MCC) co-sponsored program that provides in-depth summer study experiences for students in 1st through 6th grades who show exceptional interest and/or talent in focused subjects. Classes are designed for passionate learners, curious minds, and “outside-of-the-box” thinkers.