Administrative Training Spotlight

June 2015

Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks

Delay Delivery in Microsoft Outlook

Thanks Vicky Alvarado for your contribution.
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Summer is a great time to take advantage of Custom Guide online training. Custom Guide offers complete interactive courses in Microsoft Office and Windows applications. Custom Guide is available to all district employees and can be accessed from any computer with internet access. This is a great way to get up to date on Office 2013 and Windows 7.

If you would like to register for Custom Guide, click here for instructions.

May Progress by Course

I would like acknowledge the following users that registered for Custom Guide during the month of February, bringing the total users to 300.

  • Shelly Ambrose - GCM
  • Charita Lee - SPED
  • Latonya Mathis - CBJ

There were 8 active Custom Guide users and a total of 290 tutorials were completed.

Congratulations to Latonya Mathes -CBJ, for the completion of Excel 2013:Beginner and PowerPoint 2013 Beginner for a total of 3.5 professional development hours and to Monica Garcia - SJE, for the completion of SharePoint 2013 for a total of 3.5 professional development hours.

2014-2015 Annual Custom Guide Report

A total of 36 users took advantage of Custom Guide online training.

  • 2,219 tutorials were viewed,
  • 22 courses were completed
  • 77 professional development hours.
  • The overall proficiency increased from 81% to 90%. See below for the number of tutorials completed by course.
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