Grade 5 Exhibition 2015

Skyler Ray 5D

Central Idea:

'The action we take may affect human communities.'


Three Main Actions

The actions taken have three main outcomes when applied to a human community, the three groups of which action is broken into are social, environmental, and health. Below are some examples and definitions of these three components.

Social Action

When a social action is taken, that means the taker of this action has improved lives. Some examples of socially taking action is by donating cash, food, clothing, etc., trying to stop bullying, conserving energy (electricity), and attempting to keep others safe in the car. Social action is generally taking action that may have affects towards the lives around you.

Environmental Action

Environmental action is when someone does something that will help or improve the environment, which may affect the lives of humans, animals, and maybe even the plants! There are loads of ways that people can try to act towards the environment, such as attempting to stop water / air pollution, pick up litter (on beaches, parks, fields, etc.), planting more plants, recycling, and conserving essential energy (electricity).

Healthy Action

Healthy action is taken by someone who wants to help improve the lives of many / certain beings, improve others health, make life easier for the disable, and keep others from horrible deaths. Some ways of how we can take action that may improve others health are stopping air / water pollution, donating food, clothing, money to ones who need them most, starting companies that collect cash to help doctors cure sicknesses, and basically, assisting those in need!

'SMART' Takes


Is your action specific enough?

Your action must be to the point! It has to be exact! You must know exactly what you intend to do and how it will be done.


Can you measure how successful or not your action was?

When you've done your action, you must be able to reflect and determine how large or minor your action had affected others lives. You also must be able to see if you have made a difference and if you can measure how much has been changed.


Is your goal even achievable? Can it be done?

The action you are planning to overtake must be accomplishable. It must be something that you can do, not something that would be almost impossible or too complicated for you too achieve.

Relevant / Realistic

Are you passionate about this topic? Is it relevant / important to you?

Is this action you you want to take even possible? Is it realistic?

Think carefully about the topic you choose and if it can even be done. Do not choose a topic that you are uninterested in or pick one that your friend / BFF is doing just so you can work together. Things might not go as planned then... You must be passionate and interested in the topic you chose or else you probably won't cooperate very well or work hard enough if you have to research a topic you do not like.


Can this action be done within the time given?

The action you are going to do must be able to be done and finished before the deadline. It cannot be something like starting a charity that you intend to spread across a large area and send the goods to those in need far away from where you live all in the span of eight weeks. It would be seriously difficult to do so.