Italy , Venice. City Of Water

Tomer Saban , Ido Shaked.

6 Facts About Beautiful Venice!

1.)Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Venetoregion.

2.)The city was an important trade center between East and West, especially the spice trade.

3.)Venice is also known as a "city of water" and "the City of Bridges".

4.)Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

5.)Thirteen million tourists visit the city each year.

6.)In 2009, 270,098 people resided in Venice's comunity

Why We Choose Venice:

The reason we chose Venice is because at Venice there are so much view

and things to do,

more than a lot of countries in the world!

so much history and Attractions. You can take a ship and explore the city easly.

This is why a lot of people come visit this special place.

and this is why we chose this special city.

The other reason we chose Venice is because Venice has only one, and beyond its unique structure - it is built across 117 islands between water channels and they are interconnected by bridges and bridges

In Venice there are so much things to do and see !

you have to be in this place!


We learned that this is a unique place with a lot of attraction .

Basicly its a city in a lake!

We learned that we want to visit Venice next year!

We liked the most about this project the part of the work with the class.

Finally,we loved every second in the work the writing and the searching for info , looking at the pictures and more.