US-Canada Relations

Created by Aaron Barlow

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The United States and Canada have one of the highest cooperating relationships with each other in the economy. The US trades most with Canada and we share electricity grids under a set of standards. Another thing we do with jobs is with Uranium. Uranium from Canada is brought to the US to help fuel nuclear plants.

We also have the NAFTA, or The North American Free Trade Agreement, which reduces the "trade barriers" between the North American countries. The US invests in Canada's mining and smelting industries, petroleum, machinery and transportation equipment, finances, and chemicals. Canada in return invests in our finance and insurance, information and retail trade, banking, manufacturing, and other services. These relationships benefit both countries and help to make the countries' bonds greater.


The government systems of the US and Canada are very different while being similar. The US has a federal system of government, with three branches.
Canada is a democratic constitutional monarchy, with a sovereign, or queen, as head of state and an elected prime minister as the head of government.


The US and Canada's social relationship is strong. We share NATO (National Atlantic Treaty Organization) mutual security, which includes border control, and in addition, our relationship is strengthened by our similar values and connections. Together, our social classes help to provide each other with protection, energy, growth, and development. We also have a strong relationship because of similar religions, ethnicities, and languages.