NRTSO 3_25_15

Northern Region Teacher Shout Out

Northern Region Teachers of the Week: Lacy Jones & Sarah Riley

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Team-Teaching Gone Right!

"I think one of the biggest benefits from this model is that we make each other better… She will do something in class it will spark an idea for me to use. It has been wonderful! We are also much closer since we are together every day. We are not just coworkers but friends now. I think it is very helpful for our students as well. They have a set routine that is used daily… they like routine! " - Lacy Jones

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Summer Shelton is Not Ignoring You

So ... it turns out that my cellular provider, who shall remain nameless, had my voicemails being sent to another person's phone from January 24, 2015 up until last week! If you left a message for me during that time, I did not receive it. The error has now been fixed, and I look forward to you waiting for the beep. :)

Lord of the Flies and D.o.K.

Pam Fierst is S T R E T C H I N G Her Students

Take a look at this recording from Pam's recent lesson on Lord of the Flies. You are definitely going to be able to take back some ideas to your class. Pam shows us that Depth of Knowledge is all about stretching your students!

About Summer

Summer Shelton is the Instructional Specialist for the Northern Region. She loves technology, teaching, and really great lattes. She is here to support the teachers and coaches of the NR by promoting best practices in online instruction.