Snapshot Learning



PM Readers - Contains the lists, games and cards for books up to the purple level.

Reading Discussion Prompts - An extensive list of ideas for fiction and non-fiction texts.

Synonyms and Antonyms Lesson - "A free test taking strategies lesson".

I or Me in Sentences - ppt

Idioms Fun Activities and Task Cards

Improving Sentences - Students self assessing lesson idea.

Free Comprehension Posters

Inferring With Pete The Cat and Inference Lesson

The Difference between Inference and Prediction Chart idea.

Teaching POV through Role Play

Characterisation (I may have previously listed these) The Scarecrow, Caterpillar's Shoes, Broken.

Guided Reading - A Y3 pdf and Guided Reading docs.

Literacy Games and Activity Groups ideas.

Lovely Lemons - A writing lesson idea and Chocolate Writing plus Video Writing Prompts

TEN - L3 - Daily 5

L3 - Lots of ideas to inpsire - most are "freebies".

TEN - Heaps of super new ideas.

Daily 5 - Great new ideas to inspire.

Welcome To The Ideas Book

Use this clip to inspire your students to think creatively and plan their future jobs.
Future Jobs: Building skills today for jobs tomorrow.
How many tigers can you see in this picture? Snapshot Facebook contains many other similar resources that challenge students to think/look creatively. Visit Snapshot Facebook
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Mixture Of Newbies

Early Years Learning Framework - A new section has been included which features a few EYLF resources.

Early Finishers Free Task Cards

Telling Visual Stories with Data - Professional reading.

Lesson Motivators - Ideas to engage students.

KWK - Link to this sites growing bank of resources.

STEM - About 6 new resources.

Coding - Lesson tutorials, Girls Make created by Pip Cleaves, Coding and Lego Maze, Super Hero Coding game, Game Blox.

Geography - Earth's Layers.

History - First Australians 4 new resources. Colonisation 3 new resources.

Web 2 Tools - Big Huge Labs site which contains a variety to easy to use free tools. Have you seen History Cats and Bouncy Balls?

27 Dojo Printables and Ideas

Computing @ Bitesize Clip Art for Students

Have you tried Visu Words?

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Snapshot Facebook

Numerous inspirational resources are added daily to Snapshot Facebook.

The Snapshot Facebook resources are usually different to the resources embedded in the Snapshot Learning website.

Take a peek and be inspired. If you are "game" "friend" me on fb.

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More Ideas

Growth Mindset - A new section has been added with a growing collection of resources.

Class Display and Word Walls - New additions to inspire.

Data Walls to motivate.

Manners - S1 free booklet, Apology poster idea.

Art - I Heart Crafty Things which is a inspiring site, Art With Mr Hall which provides super lesson guides.

Cyber Safety - Be Deadly Online, Cyber Smart Detectives, FBI Cyber Surf Islands.

PE - Get Fit gameboard, Gayle Pinn's Daily Fitness program (I may have already listed this excellent resource).

Music - Science of Music, Type Drummer, Composerizer,

Monster App - Create pictures and great if you are doing a Monsters unit or scary stories.

Verso App - Great for responding to videos, ideas and texts in a safe environment that teachers can assess student learning.

iPad Tutorial Clips

Let's all do the 10 dance
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Elephant Toothpaste